Rail / Intermodal

One of the main determining factors that can adversely affect the bottom-line, are transportation costs, especially if shipping over long distances. One step that shippers can take to circumvent these costs is to ship their product by rail. Many transportation firms offer intermodal options, but they do not always have the resources available to provide you the best possible rate every time.

If you product is not extremely time sensitive or you can manage to ship a day or 2 earlier ask about how Business to Business will save you time and money shipping your product via rail. Through the partnerships we have formed with all the major rail carriers we can offer our customers savings in excess of 30% on most lanes over 700 miles.

In addition to the cost savings accosted with shipping via rail switching you long haul shipments to rail has its environmental impacts as well. Rail emits 1/10 the hydrocarbons and diesel particulates, and 1/3 the oxides of hydrogen and carbon. Not only will your company be beefing up its bottom line it will be reducing its carbon footprint at the same time.