August 29, 2022

BTB Buzz for August

Nancy Hallbauer our VP of Agent Operations is Delighted to Spotlight Vilma Trayer, one of our most successful Agents.

Vilma Trayer

Vilma has been with Business to Business Logistics for over 6 years now. I met her when she was with the same company that we started this journey on. She had one customer and parlayed that into a wonderful business that sustains her and her employees.

She worked tirelessly to build her business, adding quality customers and excellent people to help her through Her Agent Journey. In her 11 years of being an agent, there have been plenty of ups and downs as there always are, and she not only handled them but she would also say “What’s Next!?” She never stops!

She always digs to find out answers to issues, is forever on the lookout for a new Customer and is known for her ability to ferret out carriers in dry areas.

We enjoy having her at Business to Business Logistics and her business has thrived. We provide her with the tools needed so she can continue to grow. She has a great relationship with the owners of Business to Business Logistics and many of the other agents that are under our umbrella.

She is an amazing person and I am happy that she calls Business to Business home and proud to consider her a colleague and a friend. She and I both know she has a very prosperous and long career with us.