Protecting Against Bad Debt (with Matt Perkins)

Freight brokers still have to pay carriers promptly even if their customers are behind on payments, or even worse, if they go out of business. We talked with Matt Perkins, a brokerage owner, about ways that you can protect your brokerage from bad debt situations.

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Work Life 360 with Matt Perkins

What a fun spirited conversation Matt Perkins, of Business To Business Logistics, about wellbeing and how our relationships can help drive our health behaviors.

Matt and I had a honest conversation about how different stages of life impact our health habits including daily exercise, alcohol/drug use, stress management practices, work-alcoholic tendencies, unhelpful eating habits, sleeping issues and so on.

Matt gives us an inside look at how and why he took charge of his health and made adjustments so he could build his #freightbroker company, have energy to play with his kids, and continue to show up each day in a way that facilitates wellness in the workplace for his and his team’s success.

We talk about #mentalhealth and how best to support honest discussions about men’s mental health in the workplace that often go unspoken about.

Matt shares some time management, vision board, focus, mindset, mind/body/spirit and sleep tips that are helpful with mind shift awareness.

Thanks, Matt! Enjoyed smiling and talking wellbeing with ya.

Shout out to Freight360 for your continued support!

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Sales Strategies in a Freight Recession

Matt shares with Kevin Hill, host of the podcast “Put That Coffee Down”, his perspective on the spot and contract market and a detailed discussion on Sales Strategies.  The Freight Market is changing and the approach to clients and potential clients is important to business and individual success.

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Coffee with The Freight Coach 75 hard

Coffee with The Freight Coach-Chris Jolly

Matt Perkins is the Co-Founder of Business to Business Logistics. We discussed our journeys on #75Hard and how it directly correlates to freight brokerage sales, the transportation industry and the overall life improvements the program brings.

The 75 Hard program is advertised as a “transformational mental toughness program”. Headlines on the 75 Hard informational page include statements such as “think of this as an Ironman for your brain” and “how to take complete control of your life in only 75 days.”

Take a listen and see how Matt has used this program to achieve success in his business.