June 14, 2022

BTB Buzz for June

“This month we are spotlighting Nancy Hallbauer, VP of Agent Operations!

I live in Upstate NY and I love it here.  In the summer that is!  Winter is a bit brutal.

I got started in Logistics 14 years ago.  It was my first job here in NY.  I helped a trucking company go through an audit and really liked the Operations end of things. I excel at Organization, Details and Training others.  

I became an Agent for them after the audit. I  knew the Industry as I had driven Reefer and Flatbed many many years ago for a couple of years.  So doing the Agent portion was a great Segway to doing what I am now.  I still have freight that I move myself but I am mainly Operations now.

I started 13 years ago doing Agent Management for a Brokerage that wanted to add an Agent Model.  It grew substantially and I learned a lot.  I then came over to Business to Business 7 years ago to help them grow an Agent Side.  We now have 15 agents and they are doing really well.   

I am the 24/7 go between for them and the Owners.   I take a lot off of their plate by taking care of the day to day issues that arise, and mainly cater to the agents to make sure they have they everything they need in order to move freight in a way that allows them to grow and prosper.  I help with Claims, Collections, Training, Carrier Selection.    Really anything and everything that has to do with the agents being happy in their role here at BTB.   

It leaves the owners time to take care of other issues and run their head office.  Essentially, I protect the owners from all the Agents and keep them from doing stuff that would be detrimental to the company or put it in jeopardy, as well as help find new agents to help us grow. I am the Gatekeeper so to speak for the owners.  I love what I do and I still get to move freight with my own customers.

We just got back from a wonderful Agent Retreat in TN.  I love organizing those.  The agents get to meet each other and bond and everyone has a great time.  We are thinking about Montana for next year. 

We are in talks about a great idea to have Business to Business really grow in the next couple of years.  It is an exciting time for everyone as we prepare for that.  It will mean huge things for BTB in the near future and we invite everyone to keep a close watch on us!  If any Million Dollar Plus agents are looking for a change, please contact me and let’s chat!”