September 29, 2022

BTB Buzz for September

We are seeking 6 qualified agents to join our Family of Agents.  There are so many reasons that becoming a part of our Family of Agents will be fantastic for your business.

We give you all the tools You Need to run and grow your business for Free.

*Free Load Boards, DAT and Truckstop

*Free TMS with full training

*Free My Carrier Packets to on board your carriers without having to track down and manually input them into your system

*Free AR insurance, so you can grow to your fullest potential

*Paid weekly on Invoiced loads

*Annual Conference (always at a cool place).  We share ideas, collaborate with each other and gain some industry insights.

Our financials are great, so you have peace of mind knowing your carriers are being paid on time

An agent liaison, so you will not get lost in the shuffle.  Every agent is important to us

A Tiered split so as you grow you make more money.  A 90/10 split is attainable.

Do you want to learn more? Contact Nancy!

Nancy Hallbauer
VP of Agent Operations
Business to Business Logistics LLC