January 25, 2024

Expedite Shipping

Disruptions to the supply chain will continue to be an issue for a multitude of reasons. There is also a greater focus on sustainability and the ever-volatile fuel prices. This makes the small vehicle expedite market a potentially attractive means of shipping. It is growing and becoming more accessible and more affordable for shippers. There are many benefits of expedite shipping. Below are some of the benefits that we think make this a viable option for shippers.

Small vehicle expedite shipping options include sprinter vans, cargo vans, box trucks and straight trucks. A sprinter van can carry up to three standard pallets, most box trucks can carry up to seven, and most straight trucks can carry up to 14, providing shippers with another option for shipments that might otherwise be shipped via a larger vehicle like a semi truck. Straight trucks can’t exceed 10k# typically due to them needing a DOT license.

Sprinter vans are as much as two and a half times more fuel efficient than semi trucks, emitting two and a half times less CO2 into the atmosphere.

Small vehicle expedite shipping is more fuel efficient, and also more cost-effective than shipping partial loads on a standard 53-foot semi trailer.  Shippers will not be paying full cost for empty space or extra mileage on a large truck and smaller vehicles allow shippers to be more efficient with shipments up to 14 pallets.

Small vehicles deliver more quickly than traditional Truckload or LTL. These vehicles travel more quickly, make fewer stops and allow shippers to avoid the time-consuming “hub and spoke” LTL networks.

Since each load is handled by a dedicated vehicle, small vehicle expedite shipping minimizes the risk of theft, damage and mishandling that can happen when using other modes of transportation.

Small vehicles also reduce the risk of potential for supposedly dedicated loads to be intermingled with unrelated freight, frequent loading and unloading, or seals being removed along the way, Affordable small vehicle expedite solutions open up new possibilities for shippers across so many verticals, including apparel, consumer packaged goods, furniture, retail and even high-value loads such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, robotics, machinery and the list goes on.

We at BTB are well equipped and knowledgeable about the solutions and options for expedite small shipping.