Less Than Truckload

Did you know that shipping just 3 skids might qualify you for better discounts and a better level of service than what you are currently receiving? Read on to discover how Business To Business Logistics will save you time, money, and stress when dispatching your LTL shipments to BTB.

Volume LTL

Here at Business to Business we have strived to build a large network of volume LTL carriers. This has allowed us to provide full truck load service without the same price tag. In addition to the price advantages, our volume LTL reduces the excess transit time and increased damage that is a direct result of the excess handling by your typical common LTL carrier. Here are the key points on why you should choose BTB for your volume LTL needs:

  • With many of our LTL carriers performing load to ride operations, your freight will be handled by fewer dock workers in turn reducing the opportunities for accidental damage while in transit.
  • When you remove the hub and spoke system that so many large LTL carriers use, your freight will arrive earlier than expected instead of passing through 2-4 service centers.
  • Easily track all your shipments with one point of contact for all your LTL shipments in transit, vs. calling around to various delivering terminals and being passed around just to get answers on where your freight is located.

Standard LTL:

Tired of the poor treatment you receive from the typical common carrier regarding your 1 or 2 pallet shipments. Here at Business to Business we will treat your smaller shipments with the same high level of service we provide all of our customers. Over the years we have developed a strong base of regional and national LTL carriers in order to ensure we get the best possible rate and service combination for your LTL shipments. Here are just a few more benefits to show why choosing BTB is a smart decision when shipping your smaller sized LTL shipments:

  • One point of contact. When you dispatch your tenders, you don’t have to remember the terminal your freight ships out of or the carrier you want to use for the best price. One call to BTB and we will take care of the rest
  • Preschedule loads. Many large LTL carriers will not schedule a shipment until the freight finally arrives at the delivering terminal. At BTB we will schedule before the freight ships or while in transit. This will reduce the amount of the time you freight sits idle at a dock and will allow you to invoice your customer faster for the goods they just received.